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PTD2 v1.1 - Released 11/28/15

SWF inside Zip File:
Note: You need the latest stand alone flash player to play this or open it with your browser.

Android: PTD2  v1.1 - Released 11/28/15
APK inside ZIP File:
Note: PTD2 was not designed for Mobile phone so the performance might be really poor especially in outdoor areas (depending on how good your device is!)

PTD 1 Release Final Version 7/11/13 (It works!)

SWF inside ZIP File:

APK requires Adobe Air on the phone to work.

APK inside ZIP File: Not available for the latest version

How to install the APK on your android phone: (Thanks Ronan!)

1)Download the Zipped APK file to your computer
2) Transfer the Zipped APK file to your phone
3)Download ES File Explorer on your phone (its on the play store for free)
4) Run ES File Explorer
5) Find the Zipped APK file then open it
6) Press Install.
7) It will ask you if you want to install from an unknown source press yes