Sam and Dan Games - Welcome to Sam and Dan games we are up and coming game developers. Our first big hit is the fan game Pokemon Tower Defense, but we have also made game like Ninja-ja, Balloon Touch for Android phones, Cannon Challenge and eTheater.

Pokemon Tower Defense is still in development, we update the game on a weekly basis with progress reports on our blog. We are also developing a new game called Hero Tower Defense. Every thursday on our blog we post a preview of Hero Tower Defense for everybody to see.

On this webpage you will be able to find links to our blog our games and the Pokemon Center.

Blog - Our blog contains weekly progress list about all our current games that are in development it is also a great place to send me feedback on all our projects, and to connect with the community. Visit our blog to find out the progress of all our games and to link up with the community.

Play Pokemon Tower Defense - The ever popular and constantly updated Pokemon Tower Defense. Save the world from the mind control powers of Mewthree. This link will take you to the actual game on our blog. You can find download links on our blog.

Play Ninja-ja - A lonely man is attacked by Ninjas, it is up to you to protect yourself with 3 weapons, the bo staff, a katana, and your shuriken. How long can you survive? This link will take you to the download page of the game.

Pokemon Center - If you play Pokemon Tower Defense make sure to visit the Pokemon Center. Here you will be able to check your inventory, change your avatars, adopt pokemon using SnD Coins, trade with yourself or with all other trainers, participate in the game corner to win rare pokemon, and participate in daily gifts.